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Xanitos trains its staff of dedicated EVS professionals to use the XRO System to more efficiently clean patient rooms compared to methods currently used by most hospitals.

It starts with a three person team (with no more than one person in a patient room at a time) that uses two carts, one the XRO-3 vacuum cart and the other a standard EVS supply cart.

The first two team members walk all of the patient areas they are scheduled to cover removing trash and excess debris.

Meanwhile, the third team member begins the vacuum process utilizing the XRO-3 vacuum cart, following detailed procedures for removing dust, dirt, and debris that may contain harmful pathogens from floors, corners, blinds, curtains, soft surfaces and overhead areas such as vents and the TV.

Once finished with trash removal, the first two team members then follow behind the vacuumer, individually performing detailed cleaning in adjacent patient rooms and bathrooms, including disinfecting all touch points.

The final task is mopping floors with a microdenier mop properly pre-charged in accordance with facility-established infection prevention procedures.

Once the team completes the daily cleaning of patient areas, they break into individual discharge processors to focus on newly vacated rooms as peak discharge time approaches.

To ensure high patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) Xanitos trains these dedicated professionals to participate in the continuum of care through an interaction with patients that is both courteous and respects their privacy.

Xanitos: We help save lives

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Patented. Proprietary.
The XRO-3 Vacuum Cart

Pathogens! Dust!

Studies have shown that pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, and C. diff. can exist on room surfaces and dust particles for an extended period of time. In the case of C. diff, spores can survive up to six months!

Many healthcare institutions still use high dusters and traditional dust control tools which temporarily capture dust rather than removing it. This creates an opportunity for this dust that could be carrying pathogens to spread these pathogens from room to room, hence, from patient to patient, caregivers, or visitors.

So the challenge is how to get rid of dust and its pathogen passengers? The solution is to design a vacuum powerful enough to remove all dust, and filtered enough to ensure no dust (and pathogens) can escape.

At Xanitos, we have developed such a vacuum—our proprietary, patented XRO-3 vacuum cart with a three-stage, ULPA filtered vacuum housed in the cart. The XRO-3 has powerful suction (120”water lift) and its filter removes and traps particles larger than 0.12 microns in diameter with 99.9995% efficiency. The strong suction ensures removal of all dust, and the ULPA filter system captures pathogens such as MRSA, C. diff and VRE.

The vacuum cart is amazingly quiet with noise levels equal to those of a normal speaking-voice (just 50 dB).

Further, the vacuum’s accessories including its hoses and attachments all have an antimicrobial Aegis™ coating to protect against microbiological build-up.

Inside the cart is a UVC drawer in which vacuum attachments are quickly disinfected by the UVC energy. This process disinfects attachments between patients’ rooms, further reducing the risk of cross contamination.

The 30’ vacuum hose is fully automated. With a push of a button on the hose handle, the hose is automatically fed outward or retracted as needed. This user-friendly feature eliminates any manual hose handling, increases safety, and staff absolutely love it!

Thus, the XRO-3 vacuum cart does indeed remove all dust, ensures that no dust and pathogens can escape, resulting in fewer HAIs, less liability, reduced costs, and more saved lives.


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The XRO System has significantly improved the cleanliness of patient care areas and has provided a safer and cleaner environment with a clear focus on infection prevention.”

Tim Birkerstock, Treasurer/CFO
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

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